Wednesday, August 30

{ my august }

And so the year continues to fly along at a frightening pace. It may be a little too soon to mention the C word, but go on, admit it, you've had a few thoughts already haven't you? 

August has been a slightly strange month. I've been wrapped up in cardigans and contemplating all sorts of lovely autumnal things, and yet, isn't this supposed to be the height of summer. And then, all of a sudden, we get the most gorgeous Bank Holiday weekend weather, all blue skies and sunshine, and we feel silly in our cardigans, until just as suddenly as it appeared it disappears again, and I don't feel so bad returning to all those autumnal musings again.

{ knitting }
Thankfully this un-summery weather is perfect for sitting knitting cosy big blankets, and snug as a bug bobble hats, so for that I am most grateful. No sign yet of anything for sale, but this month has been far more productive than others, and we are getting closer to popping a few things up on Etsy.

I had some lovely reactions to my knitted wallhangings when they were posted on Instagram, and they've been a lovely way to use up left over yarn, and are a lot quicker to knit than those cosy big blankets.  I have one more waiting to be blocked and hung, and once I have a few more ends of balls left I'll be knitting a few more.

I can't wait to show you those snug as a bug hats I've been working on. Super snuggly and cute, and perfect for those autumn days that are already knocking on the door.

{ eating }
The extremes of this month was perhaps most evident in what I ate.  I finally ventured into the garden and tackled the greenhouse, which had started to resemble Sleeping Beauty's castle.  On the upside to this was a lovely haul of blackberries growing amongst the brambles.  I have a new found respect for anyone who goes foraging each year for blackberries.  The deliciousness of the blackberries made up for the numerous scratches and prickles, though I may stick to buying my fruit from the farm shop.

August is a birthday month in our family, with my Dad's on the 9th, and my Mum's falling on Bank Holiday weekend.  Traditionally a homemade birthday cake is made for all family birthday's, and as my Dad is rather partial to dark chocolate this year's cake was a Chocolate Mud Cake.  Filled with raspberry jam, rather than the ganache, and topped with flowers it was handed over with much love, and eaten with much enjoyment.

And whilst there has been plenty of summer berries, there has also been plenty of soup and stew making.  It seems wrong to be wanting comforting bowls of soup and stew, but I'll take being warm over eating salads just because it's summer.  My go-to favourite soup is a spicy butternut squash and carrot, topped with chilli roasted seeds, though I think perhaps I need to extend my soup repertoire this autumn and winter, so any suggestions and favourites are welcomed.

{ visiting }
It really has been a month of home sweet home for me, the only exception being an outing to Hay on Wye.  It had been year's since I had been, though it's an annual trip for my book loving parents. I'd forgotten quite how many bookshops there are, but also how many vintage and antique shops too.

Khoollect's wanderlust post on Hay provided some useful tips on where to brunch and lunch, in particular the great cafe at the back of Richard Booth's Bookstore and Cinema.  I breakfasted there with the yummiest selection of breads which turned a simple breakfast of toast and blackcurrant jam into something just that little bit more.  The Old Electric Shop was an eclectic mix of loveliness for you and for your home, supporting local artists and makers, also with a rather lovely cafe at the front of the shop. 

If you haven't been, and have even a passing interest in books then pop it on the list of places to visit next year.

September is off to a super busy start with a weekend full of musing over The Trouble with Goats and Sheep at The Little Book Club, and meeting the makers at the Quartermasters Market in the Jewellery Quarter, and at Pop Up + Hustle over at Tur Langton.  After which I'll be staying home as I'll have probably spent all my money at those two lovely events!

{ have a happy day }

Monday, August 28

{ summer sunshine }

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Well this is a bit of an unexpected treat isn't it? A Bank Holiday weekend with the ☀️  shining and barely a cloud in the sky.

So whilst I had been ready to start a series of warm and cosy posts, instead it's one last Hurrah for the sunshine and making the most of it whilst it lasts.

{ have a happy and sunny day }

Friday, August 25

{ happy friday }

ten lovely things that caught my eye this week

{ 1 } I want to go to Lyme Regis and find the lovely Looking Glass Cottage.
{ 2 } A sneak peek at the soon to be revealed Fall collection from the lovely Velveteen.
{ 3 } A sneak peek at next year's Summer collection from the lovely Aristocrat Kids.
{ 4 } Books & baskets & the most beautiful French Chateau shared by the lovely Decor8.
{ 5 } The Coolest kids at Munster Kids.
{ 6 } Botanicals & beaches & the most beautiful Swedish roadtrip shared by the lovely Future Kept.
         P.S. do watch their gorgeous video with hauntingly beautiful music by Daniel Glover.
{ 7 } This weeks artist crush is Zoe Young, and the lovely Space between hours collection.
{ 8 }
{ 9 } This weeks plant & planter crush is this rather lovely specimen from Made at Twenty Two.
{ + } Coffee + Chocolate + Cake = these rather lovely Coffee Blondies.

{ have a happy day }

Monday, August 21

{ inspired#17 . Llama's and Peruvian polka dots }

. inspired#17 .

Advice from a Llama
Llisten to your heart
Llook on the bright side
Llaugh more
Llive and let Llive
Llove Llife

clockwise from centre
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Llama's are the new Unicorns.

You heard it hear first.

Lots more Llama love on my Pinterest board here.

{ have a happy day }

Friday, August 18

{ happy friday }

ten lovely things that caught my eye this week.

{ 2 } Linen love #1.  I know it's not Easter, but how cute are these bunnies?
{ 3 } Gorgeous shoot from Hooligans.  
{ 4 } Cosy cushions from Numero74.
{ 5 } One of each pretty please?
{ 6 } This weeks artist crush is Antoinette Ferwerda. Just ♡ the colours in Copper Hills
{ 7 } Linen love #2.  I think I would like one of everything from notPerfectLinen!
{ 8 } Dwell on all the beautiful things.
{ 9 } Like these very beautiful plates from Anthropologie ♡ 
{ + } Get your scone on, it's Afternoon Tea Week.

{ have a happy day }

Friday, August 11

{ happy friday }

ten lovely things that caught my eye this week.

{ 1 } The very cutest of all the cats I spotted celebrating International Cat Day.
{ 2 } The rosie dress. Made to be passed on. As all the best clothes should.
{ 3 } That feeling when you wear your new dress for the first time.
{ 4 } Just this ♡
{ 5 } Pops DIY hanging table on dad's To Do list.
{ 6 } Etsy find of the week. Pickles Studio. Darling dolls who don disguises.
{ 8 } Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will. Sometimes it's better.
{ 9 } Just this
{ + } When a cake is described as perfect for breakfast you just have to bake it don't you?

{ have a happy day }

Wednesday, August 9

{ summer stripes }

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

I'm dreaming of summer by the seaside, the French seaside, drifting about wearing the perfect Breton stripe t-shirt, and sitting on the sand, reading all day in the sunshine.


A lovely dream, though the closest I'm likely to come to that this year is wearing that Breton stripe t-shirt, and surrounding myself with these wonderful things in simple summer stripes.

*returns to daydreaming about the French seaside, ignoring the rain battering the window outside*

{ have a happy day }

Monday, August 7

{ pop up + hustle }

I absolutely love spotting a new pop up market happening, and the Pop Up + Hustle hosted a few weekends ago by Studio NL, was a particular gem. Studio NL are a small business, making their own screen printed goods as Young Double, whilst running their workshop, a space where others can watch them work, shop and as they so delightfully describe it, have a cup of tea and learn something new.

The market held on the last weekend of July was their first, with a refreshing mix of independent designers to discover. Their workshop is a deceptive space, a little like a tardis. It appears modest in size from the outside, and yet managed to hold a myriad of makers inside. There was a lovely buzz in the air, and even though it was a grey sort of a day, there was a crowd of shoppers happily browsing not too long after it opened.

As is usually the case, choosing my favourites from the day has not been easy, but here are my highlights from my visit.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

I stood talking to Rob and Syreeta from Moments of Sense and Style for quite a while, sharing stories of Hong Kong and Sydney. The story behind their brand is bittersweet; after meeting in Hong Kong they travelled to Sydney, where Rob suffered a brain haemorrhage, leading to their return home to Lincoln. As part of his rehabilitation, Rob began drawing, and it's these illustrations, along with products that evoke memories of each of those special places, which are the soul of MOSS. The stylish simplicity of their products is wonderful, every detail is so beautifully thought out and considered, and the colours and scents are so true to each of those places, familiar to those who have been, and a glimpse to those who haven't.

Little m has been a favourite shop of mine on Etsy for a while, so it was lovely to see all Claire's doodles and drawings in real life. Named after her little boy, Max, all her work starts off the old fashioned way, with pencil and paper. Cute characters come to life in black and white, sitting alongside hand drawn type in quotes and affirmations. The same, but also completely different, was Tipperleyhill. Roz and Abbie, two best friends, creating the quirkiest of animal artworks for your wall. Miller the Flamingo didn't quite make it home with me, but I hovered with him in my hand for a long long while!

Philippa, of Phirefly Designs, was super busy on her laptop, customising her gorgeous artworks for people to take away that day. Alongside her prints, Philippa has designed a small collection for babies and children, soft jersey pieces developed in her own prints. Both ranges have a feel for adventure, and are inspired by her love of the outdoors, nature and camping, none more so than the enamel Take Me To The Mountains mug shown above.

Finally we have Stalf, a range of women's wear, which is the embodiment of the concept of slow living. Designed and made in their studio in Lincolnshire, it's another brand with a sweet story behind it. Named after her grandparent's Stella and Alf, and remembering a time when clothes were bought to wear for years, not seasons. Simple silhouettes, in subdued tones and stripes, each garment is made to order. The quality, and timelessness of each piece makes it easy to imagine that you'll still be wearing them for years to come.

{ photo credit . OhMerde }

A few shots from the day, oh, and winner of The cutest use of the Vespa goes to Rachel of Oh Merde on Instagram. I often regret that my lack of offspring means I never get to take cute pics like this! 

{ photo credit . HAHonline }

If, having read all this, you are now crying into your coffee for having missed it all, fear not. The next Pop Up + Hustle is happening very very soon, on the 2nd and 3rd of September. Start saving your pennies now, and read a little more about it over here.

{ have a happy day }

Friday, August 4

{ happy friday }

ten lovely things that caught my eye this week.

{ 1 } Coveting Holly Becker's new pouffes from the wonderful bohemia design.
{ 2 } A gardener in the making, wearing City Goats gorgeous apron.
{ 3 } Loving UPA's new campaign for summer'18, Unleashed Princess Army.
{ 4 } Goodbye Vogue Bambini. Lovely 'Sunday Morning' editorial by Julia Bostock.
{ 5 } Etsy find of the week. AtelierMoune. And a sneak peek at work in progress.
{ 6 } New exhibition to see. Matisse in the Studio opens tomorrow at the RA.
{ 7 } New book to read. See What I Have Done released last Tuesday.
{ 8 } According to this rather fabulous quote the weekend started this morning. Yay!
{ 9 } This weeks #shelfie love.
{ + } This weekend I will mostly be baking birthday cake for my darling dad.

{ have a happy day }

Tuesday, August 1

{ hello August }

. hello August .

{ have a happy day }