Friday, July 28

{ happy friday }

ten lovely things that caught my eye this week.

{ 1 } Don't judge a book by it's cover. Instead enjoy a blind date with a book instead. 
{ 2 } Etsy find of the week. Le Petite Alice. Embroidered linen handmade with a lot of love.
{ 3 } When you don't let a little rain stop you from wearing your favourite summer dress.
{ 4 } The next generation of crazy plant ladies 🌿  dressed by Lacey Lane.
{ 5 } When you spot a really cute coffee shop on Insta. Then discover it's in Nova Scotia!
{ 6 } A love letter to the sea side ⚓️  drawn by Jonny Hannah.
{ 7 } Dare I say the perfect bag to take to the sea side?
{ 8 } You are great. Yes, you are!
{ 9 } Lucky enough to be off to NYC? Here are the 10 best spots for that Insta worthy pic.
{ + } A lemon tart to bake and serve with the last of the Summer's berries.

{ have a happy day }

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. thank you for taking the time to scribble down your thoughts . i lOve reading All your musings .