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Writing about my first Summer market seems strange, as I'm listening to the wind gusting, and the rain lashing against the window.  Then again, isn't this what we expect from a traditional British Summer?

That said, I'm pleased to say that the sun shone for most of Saturday, and I strolled along to the Quartermaster's Artisan Makers Market wearing sunglasses and eyeing up the coffee and croissants being enjoyed at the tables set up outside most of the Jewellery Quarters coffee shops.  The market was held at the very lovely 1000 Trades.  My first visit to this friendly neighbourhood bar and kitchen, which is housed in a converted jewellery workshop, and does much to support local artists and crafts.  

Whilst the market may not be a big one, there was a really lovely mix of artisans there;  painters, embroiderers, ceramicists, illustrators and sign makers.  Set over two floors, it was busy enough not to feel conspicuous, not so much so that you couldn't have a good look at all the goods on offer.  The makers were wonderfully friendly, chatting and taking time to tell you a little about their crafts, and very obliging of my ( slight ) re-arrangement of their stalls in order to take some pictures for this post.

Dolly and Beau is Georgia, or as she describes herself on her Etsy shop, one mama and her sewing machine.  Named after her daughters, she makes baprons ( it's a bib and it's an apron ) in an array of super soft oil cloth prints.  However, it was these cute, monochrome cushions that caught my eye. Perfectly soft and squishy, and doesn't that panda almost say 'take me home'?

Emma Blue seems to be a girl after my own heart, and my denim jacket is now adorned with 'dream' and 'bookworm' badges courtesy of a small purchase at the market. Making things from paper and fabric, she is inspired by books, libraries, music, tea and maps. Another book inspired maker was Tigerlily Makes, who's Alice range I fell a little in love with. Inspired by the classic Alice in Wonderland, is a range of cards, clothes and china.  I particularly loved the china mugs, and teapots, all illustrated with either Alice, or the White Rabbit.

One of the first stall's I stopped by was Chloe's.  Her quirky illustrative style can't help but draw you in to look further, and I was very tempted to buy her 'Do What You Love' print for myself. And probably would have done, if not for treating myself to a fabulous floral embroidery hoop from The Barmy Fox. Tory's stall was full of tempting delights, with the sweetest, and sassiest, embroidered badges sitting alongside more embroidered hoops.

Now to save my pennies back up again for the next Summer market which is just next weekend! Shall I start praying now for another sunny day?

{ have a happy day }

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