Monday, May 29

{ edible blooms }

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I'm doing my best to ignore the rain falling outside and instead surrounding myself with as much flora and fauna as I can.  Vases of flowers sit in front of me as I type, and I'm drinking a wonderful fruity infusion, brewed with elderflower and hibiscus.  I wish I could also say that I had spent the day baking elderflower and honey cake, and crystallising petals to adorn rose scented shortbread, but sadly, that isn't the case.  But the next best thing, or so I am telling myself, to actually baking said floral cake, is compiling a lovely mood board of floral bakes to inspire you all.

And there's no shortage of inspiration out there.  I've found the prettiest guides to which florals are safely edible, here and here, and everything from the simplest floral ice cubes, to the prettiest floral popsicles, recipes for homemade elderflower cordial, and a very pretty in pink rose and earl grey latte, but I couldn't resist sharing the gorgeous baking recipes I'd found.  Almost too pretty to eat, but thankfully also far too yummy too resist.

For lots more edible floral inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest board { edible . flowers }.

{ have a happy day }

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