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The sunshine on Saturday reminded me of the sun that shone on the April day two years back, when I first visited the Spring Market at the Bond.  Several visits to Market later, it's become a much looked forward to event on my calendar, and even more so when the forecast is for a dry, bright, sunny day.

There were lots of familiar faces;  the very cute Cocktail Caravan, facing off against the Bus Bar, amazingly tempting aroma's from the many food vendors, and indoors an array of delights from local makers and bakers.  I think one of the things I like most about these Markets is realising how much creativity there is happening on the doorstep.  On-Line marketplaces like Etsy, and makers own websites have made it easier to be an independent maker, but there is something so lovely about being able to see, and pick up, and chat to these people in person.

I think I had my favourite five picked out before I was even home.  Those makers whose products linger in the mind, and leave you wishing, "I really wish I'd bought that"!  I have seen Currentstate Studio's before, and love their print work.  On Saturday they debuted a new range, Love Letters, which I fell a little in love with.  Typographical illustrations with a wonderful charm, they were showing the first letters they'd worked on at the Market.  A new discovery was the super cute Bug.  Bug is Ellie, a jewellery designer, who makes the most darling of necklaces, rings and things.  Collections entitled La La Land, Summer Farm, and la Discoteque, adorned with mini boiled egg and spoons, pigs in tea cups, and even mini record players.  Do take a look at her website, which is just as super cute as her jewellery, with product styling to make you smile.

Rolling Roses was one of the makers I featured on my post on my first visit, and I always love having a peek at her stall to see what lovely new things she's been working on.  Her ceramics are beautiful, her signature style the lace imprint, with the delicate glaze of colour inside the piece.  Some of her newer pieces now have a delicate rim of gold added, a beautiful touch and I'm already saving my pennies for the bowl I spotted and can't stop thinking about.

The Peaky Squirrel couldn't be anything other than a Birmingham maker could he? ( Though is it wrong to admit I've never ever seen Peaky Blinders? )  New at the Market, and only making since December 2016, The Peaky Squirrel makes handcrafted items from wood salvaged from the streets of the Peaky Blinders.

My final favourite is Holly of Crafty Bun Studios.  A print maker, alongside her film making and photography, I love the lines of her wood cut printing, the simplicity of colour, and, yes, this was another on my "Why didn't I buy that" list.

I think that is the last of this year's Spring Markets, so time to start saving up, and to pop all the dates for the Summer Fairs in my diary.

Birmingham Summer Market . Saturday 10th June
Derbyshire Summer Market . Sunday 2nd July

{ have a happy day }

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