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{ a few more fabulous finds from another lovely Spring Fair }

Five lovely makers from the Selvedge Spring Fair held in Bath, 25th March 2017.
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Another weekend, another Spring Fair.  This time down in beautiful Bath, and this time hosted by selvedge Magazine.  Held at the Assembly Rooms, the fair brought together some of the Uk's loveliest merchant's and makers.  Whilst not as large as the Derbyshire Spring Market, it was still lovely to take a wander around, spotting some familiar makers, and once again, making some new discoveries.

Although we had arrived only shortly after the fair opened, it was super { super } busy from the start.  Perhaps the combination of a beautiful sunny day, and Mother's Day falling the following day, had drawn everyone in.  That aside, we spent a lovely hour or so making circuits of the room, ensuring we'd not missed anything on the first time around, and giving us a chance to make a couple of purchases of things that had particularly caught our eye and were still on our minds!

I have loved Charlotte Macey's work for a long time, and featured her on the post I wrote on the selvedge Fair held in Stroud.  She was at the Fair once again, and once again had some beautiful things to buy.  Her lovely cow parsley design always brings to mind a slightly breezy spring day in the country, and her blue parsley looks particularly lovely on china, enticing my mum to treat herself to a pretty new mug.

Two new discoveries were Story HH { 2 } and Justine Jenner { 3 }.  I would have quite happily of made purchases from each.  Story HH curate ceramics and homeware from makers from around the world.  Their silver lining mugs are still holding a fascination for me, and have a beautiful story behind their making.  Hand thrown by Japanese potter Naoto Tanii, the tea stained glaze on the outside produces a tinkling sound as it cools and cracks, which he calls "whispered music".  Inside there is his signature silver glaze, giving this handcrafted piece a look of luxury.  Justine's ceramics are very different, but equally lovely, in particular her rainbow collection of mugs and her two-tone collection, of which I have a small vase sitting on my window sill, waiting to be filled with daffodils.

Linladan was a small stall of heaven for the many haberdashery lovers that were at the Fair.  I'm guessing there were quite a few, given that by the time we reached it the stall was already two deep.  Vintage buttons, snaps and pins sat alongside skeins of embroidery threads in rainbow colours, both muted and bright.  One of those stalls where you want to buy everything, and consequently leave, regrettably, empty handed.

My last find of the day, is Henri.  Based in London, they make a small range of beautifully handcrafted shirts, and bags, using a fourth generation local manufacturer.  In addition to supporting local business with the making, they use Organic fabrics, most of which are still woven on hand-looms.  Their commitment to reducing waste has become an integral part of their design process, and as such has given them products such as the coin purse, designed and developed in order to use up some of the off cuts from the making of the shirts.

There are several more fairs running through out the year, so fear not that you have missed out.  The next is in Edinburgh, on the 19th August, with ones in Lewes, and London to follow.

But for now, I'm off to buy daffodils to put in my pretty pot.

{ have a happy day }

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