Monday, January 23

{ apricot, blueberry & coconut baked oats }

I feel I should thank Bumpkin Betty for saving me from myself this month.  So far this year I've had one week of eating mince pies every day; the following week saw me develop a chocolate hob nob habit that was in danger of getting quite out of hand;  and last week was the week of chocolate everyday cake, which lived up to it's name and was indeed eaten every day.

But then I remembered that I hadn't yet baked anything for BBbakingClub yet this month, and hallelujah for a theme that asked us to bake something nutritious. 

Several things popped into mind;  this sugar-free carrot cake I'd spotted on BBCfood; this oh so pretty clementine and pomegranate cake by Henrietta Inman, and then whilst browsing all the other delights on her site I spotted this recipe for Baked Apricot, Almond & Honey Porridge.  

Porridge is my absolute go-to breakfast in these colder months, which given that I live in the Uk, is pretty much September through to June.  That's a lot of mornings and a lot of porridge, and I love mixing it up with lots of different variations, including baked porridge, which is so ridiculously easy, quick, and super super comforting.

This is the perfect recipe for using up whatever you happen to have in the fruit bowl & the pantry, choosing combinations which tickle your tastebuds that morning.  I prefer to soak my oats overnight, whether I'm baking them, or just making regular porridge.  It makes them so soft and easier to digest and I find my porridge is just that little bit more creamy.  I've used a combination of rolled & barley oats, but again, use whatever you have to hand;  rye would add a wonderful nuttiness, or you could switch in oatmeal for a finer texture.  Ditto with the milk;  almond, cashew, coconut, soy, or just old regular cows milk would work.  Oh, and my suggestion of adding maple syrup to taste really is down to your taste buds.  I tend not to add additional sweetener to my porridge as I find the nut milks & fruit make it sweet enough for me, but do add a drizzle or more in to suit you.

I pinched the idea of the apricots, but paired them with blueberries, for that burst of colour, and with fresh coconut which had been coarsely grated.  I love that coconuts have become so readily available, and have to say my tiled kitchen floor comes into it's own for breaking those tough nuts open;  drain the water from the nut, wrap in a tea towel, and slam it down onto a hard surface of your choosing.  This is incredibly therapeutic by the way, the perfect way for venting any frustrations of the day!

The perfect cosy, comforting breakfast { for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere }
{ and for those of you in the South } enjoy it cold, with greek yogurt and fresh fruit

You can take a look at all the other bakes for this months' baking club over on the facebook page, where you can also join up & join in.

{ have a happy day }

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