Monday, December 19

. my festive five . Christmas Stockings .

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i think the one aspect of Christmas i miss now i'm all grownUp is the christmas stocking . our stockings when my sister & i were little, were our dad's chunky cream { and i hasten to add, clean } aran boot socks . at the time they seemed huge heavy things, full of hidden gems, the first glimpse of christmas, as you nudged your toe against it as you woke on christmas morning, a sign that santa had been . 

i doubt that there was a huge choice of stockings when i was younger, and though i would probably still hanker after the nostalgia of my dad's boot sock, there are plenty of lovely stocking choices out there . here are some of my favourites .

. dashing through the snow . to this gem of a stocking from Anthropologie .
. a touch of vintage kitsch . with this swallow stocking from KitschAttic .
. cosy & chunky hand-knit stocking . knitted by LaurenAstonDesigns .
. a DIY vintage photo stocking . follow the how-to by SweetPaul .
and . if you have a stocking but no fireplace to hang it by .
. a DIY branch stocking display . from the { wonderfully named } Merrythought .

. have a hAppy dAy .

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