Thursday, December 29

. a lOvely . { free + perfectly printable } . 2017 calendar .

i'm absolutely sure that you're all a lot more organised than me . & . already have calendars and diaries for 2017 all sorted out . bUt . just in case you haven't then { in the words of BluePeter } here's one i made earlier !

i'm working on giving lily+Bloom a bit of a new look . she's starting to look a little tired and in need of a new image . this may take a little while so please don't hold your breaths . in the meantime next years calendar gives you a little sneak peek into what the future may look like .

the calendar comes in two sizes . little + large . { well it's that between christmas & new year time when thinking any harder than this is just . well . too hard . forgive me ! } . the little one is perfect for taping up on the wall at home . one month at a time . or . every month to view the whole year ahead . it's also a great size for keeping to hand on your desk . just pop into a card holder and switch the months as they go by .

the larger one works well on a clipboard . or in my case . a piece of cord board cut a little bigger than the calendar with a bull dog clip to secure it in place . or . you can punch holes in the top and string with some { neon } ribbon to hang anywhere you have a little wall space .

{ four months to a page . print on A4 cardstock }

{ two months to a page . print on A4 cardstock }

i'd love to know what you think of the calendar . & . once you've downloaded it and printed it would love to see how you display it ?

i will leave you to enjoy { or endure ? } the last few days of this year . & . i think everyone will breathe a collective sigh once we start to welcome 2017 into the world .

. have a hAppy dAy .

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