Monday, November 28

. tIs the season to spArkle .

without wishing to sound as if i'm collecting my pension . is it me . or . has christmas started ridiculously early this year . i know that it's now expected that the tinsel and baubles start making an appearance in the shops as soon as the easter eggs have rolled off the shelves, but i have been spying christmas trees . fairy lights . and . decorations galore in sO many people's houses near to me . it's still nOvember folks ?  a wonderful month of bonfires and autumn leaves, pumpkins and pies . can we not enjoy each month for the loveliness it brings, rather than wanting to rush headlong into the celebrations of the next ?

so . for the last two days of nOvember i will be embracing all that autumn loveliness still . & . then once dEcember arrives i'll feel we can start to enjoy lots of festive faffing . tinsel . glitter . gift making . gift wrapping . & . all that christmas sparkle . 

just two days . we can all hold on for just two more days can't we ?

. 'tIs the season to spArkle .

. have a spArkly dAy .

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