Wednesday, October 26

. mAke your own mAgic .

at the moment i'm feeling incredibly lucky . i'm enjoying quiet days & a break from working . i'm loving the beautiful aUtumnal weather we're having . the ombre shades of colours in the trees . the cosy darker nights . & . the lovely seasonal flavours of pumpkin . apples . blackberries . aUtumn has brought with it a wonderful slow way of living, that for now, i'm making the most of .

nOvember feels like it will be a month of getting ready . getting ready for * whispers * christmas . but also getting ready for something bigger in the NewYear . after a year of feeling like i was standing still in the middle of a busy road, watching everyone else carry on with purpose, i'm feeling a little more purposeful . that nOvember & dEcember will be months to take tiny steps towards something a little more in the coming year .

for now though i will leave you with nOvember's calendars & my quote for the new month . . . 

. we all have magic inside us .

. have a mAgical dAy .

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