Wednesday, September 28

. it's a gOod day to have a gOod day .

Warning . this post contains ramblings which may be considered slightly self indulgent & of a melancholic nature !

i caught myself wishing the year away yesterday . this continued feeling of a lack of purpose / of mojo / of direction is starting to weigh heavier on my subconscious . i have the sense of standing still whilst everything & everyone around me is whizzing around with a known intent & purpose . in my more rational moments i know that this isn't true . & . in that same moment of rationale i know that to wish the year away is to waste the opportunity that the remaining 94days offers . & . that suddenly sounds a lot of time . time to put to use even if it's only making small steps towards something bigger, something with more purpose & direction next year .

whilst looking for a quote for octOber i came across this { annonymous } quote

{ this is the beginning of a new day . you have been given this day to use as you will . you can waste it or use it for good . what you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it . when tomorrow comes this day will be gone forever . in it's place is something you have left behind . let it be something good }

so this year i still have 94 opportunities to do something good . something to make someone smile . something that makes me happy . something small . or . something a little bigger . 94 days to read more . watch more . see more . & . now, suddenly, 94 days just doesn't feel enough ?

. it's a goOd day to have a gOod day .

. have a very gOod dAy .

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