Wednesday, June 1

. hEllo jUne .

{ take it all One day at a time . & . find jOy in the jOurney }

hEllo jUne

looking forward to a month filled with family and friends and travel
. spending the day being a true tourist in lOndon tOwn .
. pOpping off to see the Queen in her palace .
. before enjoying a proper English Afternoon Tea .

. hoping sUmmer will arrive in time for the sUmmer market .
. a little trip up to scOtland .
. seeing the sights & eating cake in Edinburgh .
. putting on my pretty party frock for a family wedding .
. then a father's day eating scones at Scone Palace .
{ well it has to be done . doesn't it ? }

a month for making many happy memories

. have a hAppy dAy .

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. thank you for taking the time to scribble down your thoughts . i lOve reading All your musings .