Monday, May 30

. enjOy the jOurney .

this year is turning into a funny year . on the one hand i { still } feel slightly lost & the vagueness i felt when i wrote my beginning of year post hasn't entirely left me . on the other hand this year feels as if it's flying by so sO quickly . which means my days must be being filled with something to make the time feel it's passing by too fast . 

i think jUne will be a time of looking back at that pOst & seeing if i can be a little clearer on where the next six months may head . but in the meantime the next month will be a month of visiting travellers & of travelling . of sight seeing . & . memory making .

and . i will take it all one day at a time and enjOy the jOurney .

. find jOy in the jOurney .

. have a happy day .

{ wherever it may take you }

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