Wednesday, April 27

. crEate your own sUnshine .

as i was sitting at my desk yesterday . beginning to put the mAy calendars together for this post . i looked up just in time to see the snow start to fall . 

we are in spring . it's the end of april . very nearly mAy . earlier the skies had been blue & although it was bitterly . unseasonably . chilly . i really did think that we had moved on from the snow showers . a minute later it was all blue skies again . soon after that a flash of lightning streaked the sky . followed by the rumble of thunder . a darkening of the skies . and then the rain . but then over almost as quickly as it began . 

strange weather indeed . but i think it's also a sign about taking your chances where you can find them . about searching out the moments of blue sky & sunshine . the breaks between the rain showers & snow showers . 

. sOmetimes you just have to create your own sUnshine .

. have a sUnny dAy .

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