Wednesday, February 24

. mArch mAdness .

i was very undecided on the quote for mArch . i knew i wanted something that had a slightly mAd air about it . like fEbruary it still has that between seasons feeling . you never quite know what each mArch day will bring . 

i pondered over quotes from alice in wOnderland { you're mAd . bOnkers . all of the best people are ! } . & . very nearly chose this one { she lOst herself in a wOnderland of mAdness } . but in the end . with mOther's dAy . & . eAster . at the beginning & end of mArch this seemed the perfect quote to start mArch on .

. i bElieve in chOcolate for breakfAst .

. have a mAdly hAppy dAy .

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