Wednesday, January 27

. i lOve you to the mOon . & . back .

how has the first mOnth of the year been for you ? has it dragged or has it flown by ?  

for me it has flown by . what i thought would be a quietish month has turned out to be a little busier . all in a good way though . 

i am still feeling in between seasons at the moment . i'm still lOving being able to wrap up in winter woollies . & . light my candles as soon as dusk starts to fall . it's the perfect excuse to curl up with a book { already nearly three books down out of my reading goal of twenty four } . the perfect weather for porridge for breakfast & soup for supper . 

but then . i'm also looking forward to spring . to those lighter warmer mornings that make it easier to get out for my early morning run . to start shopping for new floral frocks . & . trying out fresh new salad recipes for lunch . 

and in the midst of this changing of seasons fEbruary comes along . full of lOve . & . hearts . & . flowers . & . general lOveliness . 

. i lOve you to the moOn and back .

. have a hAppy dAy .

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