Sunday, November 1

. hEllo nOvember .

so the penultimate month of the year of upon us . i'm trying not to become too reflective too soon . after all there are still 8weeks { or 61days . quite a few hours . lOts & lOts of precious seconds } still left to make the very most of . & . looking at my diary & my list of things ' to do ' & ' to achieve ' those weeks / days / moments are going to be nicely busy ones .

. nOvember .

starts with a little trip to the lAke district
{ and i can't wait to stay at the RumDoodle which just looks the cUtest of b&b's }
a 10K run to celebrate the wedding of some very lovely running bUgs

followed by a weekend of birthday celebrations for my little sister
{ * whispers * who turns 40 ! which in turn makes me feel sO old }

looking forward to a creative month of doodling & drawing . making & creating
all in readiness for christmas

. have a hAppy dAy .

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