Monday, November 30

. christmAs is cOming .

did anyone put their xmAs decorations up this weekend ? i will confess that as much as i lOve all the fairy lights & trees i do think it's only right to wait until it's dEcember . i lOve bringing things out gradually & adding to them through the month . a few paper snowflakes at the windows to start with . dotting around some bowls of baubles . adding a few new homemade garlands here & there . & . then a hUge xmas clean & tidy before finally putting up the tree . { oh . & . by the way . all of this takes a good three weeks ! } .

then there's the xmAs card making . deciding on this year's gift wrapping . christmas cOokies to bake . candy to make . { yes . i'm a little excited } .

so with one last day of nOvember to enjoy { all be it a very rainy one } . here is your lOvely calendar for dEcember . one for your desktop . & . one for your phone

. have a hAppy dAy .

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