Tuesday, September 1

hEllo sEptembEr .

after a very rainy last day of aUgust . today has seen a lovely sUnny start to sEptembEr .


hoping to make a trip to the aUtumn fAir for a little window shopping
to the hAndmade fAir for a lot of crafting inspiration

planning a trip to lOndOn to catch the jOseph cOrnell exhibition at the RA
{ a nostalgic wander down the memory lane of childhood books }

looking forward to the aUtumn ranges being lAunched
already lOving the new bObO chOses range
the ever lovely billieblUsh & billiebAndit

* whispers *
and there will be a little bit more baking of cakes & cookies
this time for a very good cause as i will be hosting a MacMillan Coffee Morning
{ take a look at my pinterest board for some of the gOodies i've got planned }

. have a happy day .


  1. September always comes to my mind as month when school starts. Sometimes challenges rise when kids have to adapt to the new school in new place and country.

    1. that's so true . & . even though it's been a { long long } while since I left school I think I still view September as a new start somehow . thank you for taking the time to read my blOg & have a lovely day .


. thank you for taking the time to scribble down your thoughts . i lOve reading All your musings .