Monday, September 28

. bOo .

to . you .

it seems strange to be posting this octOber calendar . & . thinking ahead to hallOween . as today has been so sunny & warm . with gorgeous blue skies .  { although i can't help hoping this lovely weather lasts a little longer } .

hallOween seems to get a bigger occasion each year here . i suspect we still have a little catching up to do to reach the dizzy heights of the buzz it has over the pOnd . but the shops are now full of goodies to decorate . dress up . & . enjoy a thoroughly spOoky time . 

i'm busy adding to my hallOween board on pinterest . sO many great ideas . to bake . & . make . 

but more of that to come . for now i'll leave you with octOber's calendars . one for your desktop . one for your phone . or to print . or to use however you would like . just enjOy .

. have a happy day .

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