Tuesday, August 4

. tOm hOvey . cake illustrator to the stars .

do you recognise this gorgeous drawing ?

if you're a fan of the Great British Bake Off { & if you're not i really don't think we can be friends ! } then you'll recognise the drawings of the bakers bakes . & . i have a sneaky admission to make . i look forward to seeing these almost as much as i do the final bakes . 

so whilst looking for baking inspiration ahead of tomorrow's new series i was delighted to come across these illustrations . & . a link to the lovely talented tOm hOvey, whose hand is responsible for these delicious drawings . reading more about this welsh born, bristol dwelling artist, whilst he has worked on a lot of varied projects, it's obvious that food & food illustration holds a special place in his heart . 

looking through tOm's tumblr was a lovely nostalgic wander through the past years of the Bake Off . & . also makes you realise how much more sophisticated the bakes { & bakers } are in more recent years . but no matter how much the bakers may have changed i think the charm of the Bake Off is that it does remain more or less the same each year . there's a comfortable familiarity in the signature bake, followed by the technical challenge, followed by the showstopper . the familiar faces of Paul and Mary, Mel & Sue . & . of course those wonderful drawings of tOms . let the bAking bEgin !

. have a sweet dAy .

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