Tuesday, August 11

. tAngerine mAdeira cAke .

and so the cAke fest which is aUgust continues . 

i was a little unsure what to expect when i knew that the signature bake for the Great British Bake Off was a madeira cake . something that is so traditional . & . not something i think of as having lots of variations put on it . & . as it turns out the cAkes that earned the highest praise were the best baked cakes which were closest at heart to the recipe . 

which is why i was a little pleased that the recipe i'd chosen to bake wasn't too far away from a traditional madeira either . when i was pinning my finds this recipe caught my attention & just wouldn't let go . traditional enough to be recognisable as a madeira . but with a lovely tangerine twist . 

except for one teeny tiny problem . the cAke was being made for my sister . & . she had a longing for something a little bit more tunis cake like . do you remember the McVitie's Tunis Cake ? this is the cake my nan used to buy for christmAs day teatime . a madeira cake . topped with a wonderfully thick ganache type chocolate { although somehow not ganache . & . we still can't quite work out what it was . or a recipe for it . or how on earth to recreate it } . with lurid pink & yellow icing & marzipan fruits in the centre . it was discontinued sometime in the 80's . much to my sister's disgust . & . she's been on the hunt for one exactly like it ever since . 

& so i swapped the { all be it very lovely looking } caramelised tangerine's on the top of eat in my kitchen's recipe for a chocolate orange ganache topping . still nothing like the original tunis cake . but a little bit closer . & . winning a lOt of praise from my little sis !

. tAngerine mAdeira cAke .
{ with chocolate orange ganache topping }

. adapted from a recipe by Eat in my Kitchen .

and so onto Episode2 of the Bake Off . biscuits ! so far i'm torn between making these chocolate cherry almond biscotti . or . being a bit of a caffeine addict . these cappuccino biscotti

or maybe i should just make both ?

. have a sweet dAy .

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