Monday, August 31

saying gOodbye to sUmmer .

sO . i seem to have been a little absent over aUgust . i wish i could say i've been far too busy enjOying the wonderful weather . but . well . that would be a bit of a wishful thinking . in truth i have been enjoying a bit { ok . a lot } of baking . cookies & cheesecakes . & . birthday cakes with an abundance of frosting and sprinkles . i'd love to say it's a hard life . but . i've lOved each cake & cookie i've baked . 

i can still see a lot more baking on the way in sEptember . the Great British Bake Off is now in full stride & so far i seem to be keeping up with all the baking . lets see if i can do as well in the coming month . & . just maybe feel a little more confident about actually filling in that application form for next years Bake Off . we'll see ?

but enough about baking . as today is the last day of aUgust i have sEptember's calendar for you . a version for your desktop . & . as last month . a slimline version for your phone . or to print . or . to do with whatever you wish . 

. have a happy day .

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