Monday, June 1

. hellO jUne .

& nearly half way through the year . mAy was a whirl of work . with a little travelling about . a little coffee & a little . well ok . quite a lot of cake ! it was lots of fun .

so goodbye mAy & hellO jUne .

i have some incredibly lovely things to look forward to
. seeing the alexander mcQueen exhibition at the v&a .
. and spending a lovely day in lOndon with friends .
. a little bit more running . this time between 2castles .
. a little bit of something sweet at the cAke&bAke show .
followed by
. even more sweet things with afternoon tEa at bEtty's .
. ending the month with some nostalgic shopping in mAnchester .

. have a joyful day .

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. thank you for taking the time to scribble down your thoughts . i lOve reading All your musings .