Monday, June 8

. date . prune . & . oat slices .

i think it's fairly obvious by now that i have something of a sweet tooth . i love baking { & eating } biscuits . breads . cakes . cookies . & all things that wouldn't be out of place on the Great British BakeOff . but i'm also very interested in healthy eating . i do indeed have a baking angel on one shoulder & a baking devil on the other . now as i have a wonderful weekend of true cake indulgence to look forward to soon i have been looking for healthier bakes to satisfy that sweet tooth of mine . 

i've been coveting DeliciouslyElla's new book for some time now . but am trying to work through the many other new books i've splashed out on first . luckily she has some wonderful recipes on her blog . including a recipe for date & oat bars that seemed the perfect solution to my search for a healthy eating treat . using dates as a natural sweetener with no added refined sugar . full of oats & chia seeds . i've adapted her recipe slightly to include a little more spice & a handful of { my new favourite food ! } cacao nibs .  i also made half the quantity she uses . but feel free to double up & enjoy these oaty slices for longer . 

{ i just didn't trust myself not to eat the lot ! }

. recipe adapted from DeliciouslyElla .

confession time . my bake did catch slightly so watch them over the last ten minutes or so . not particularly BakeOff worthy !  will just have to make another batch won't i ?

. have a happy day .

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