Friday, May 8

. lOve . cOffee shOps .

one of the things that surprised me . & delighted me . about aUstralia was the incredible amount of really really great coffee shops . there has been a rise in the number of independent coffee shops opening here in the uK . { thankfully } . but nothing like the number that seemed to be in every place i visited dOwn Under . i'm a great one for doing my research . i want to find out all those hidden gems of shops . & markets . & galleries . & i want to feel that i've eaten at the best a town has to offer . not the most expensive or the most chic . but those great places that the locals know & love .

i never expected to be so sO spoilt for choice . there was a sense of rising panic when i had a list of far too many great sounding coffee shops & cafes to visit . could i possibly drink this much coffee . or try that many slices of cake . or eat so many breakfasts .

well all i can say is i tried my very very best . & . i still have a list of places i nEed to try . so that just means a return visit . doesn't it ?

so here are just a few of my favourites . i tried so many more . many many more . 
you think this post is long . this post could have gone on for ever & ever ! 

. hOle in the wAll cOffee . eumundi markets . noosa .
. wEst jUliett . llewellyn street . marrickville .
. sAssafrass cAnteen . latrobe terrace . paddington .

yOu'll need coffee shops and sunsets and roadtrips . airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs . but people more than anything else . you will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else . a living . breathing . screaming invitation to believe in better things . jamie tworkowski .

i think it's only right that i spend a few days visiting some of the amazing independents that have sprung up in birmingham in the past few months . all in the name of research & a good blog post . obviously . so . anyone for coffee ?

. have a good cup of coffee & a very happy day .

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