Friday, May 29

. hEllo sUmmer .

although i am slightly doubtful that this years sUmmer will full of beautiful sunny days . i think we've been lucky that for the past couple of years we've had beautiful sUmmer's . yet with mAy drawing to a close i am sitting writing this post snuggled into my cosy cardigan . & . watching the rain pouring down outside . wondering do i really really want to face going outside today ?

but on the bright side . i can see a glimmer of blue sky on the horizon . & i'm pushing those doubts to one side & feeling hopeful that there may be brighter . warmer . sunnier . days ahead . 

& on that note . here's a bit of brightness for your desktops for jUne .

. your jUne calendar to download .

. jUne 2015 .

. have a sunny day .

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