Monday, April 13

. MindfulMonday .

just after christmas i was browsing the app store . if i'm perfectly honest i cannot remember what i was browsing for & it's not something i do on a regular basis . but for whatever reason i was browsing & spotted in the ' best new apps ' something called ' YOU-app ' . again if i'm perfectly honest it was probably the fact that it was ' YOU-app with Jamie Oliver ' that caught my eye . so i took a closer look . & the words ' happy ' . ' healthy ' . & . ' inspiration ' jumped out at me . if i could sum up my hopes & wishes for this year i'm not sure you could pick better adjectives ( well, technically two adjectives & one noun ! ) . so i downloaded the app . signed up . & using the daily micro-action prompts started making small changes . making more conscious choices . acting more mindfully & positively .

each day you are given a micro-action which you complete with a picture . it's fun . it appeals to the instagram addict in me . it's connected me to some wonderful, likeminded people all over the world . some micro-actions are easier than others . some make you think more than others . i love the fact it's not just about food . it's about food . mindfulness . movement . & . the things we love . it reminds us that health is not just about physical health . it's about an all round positive attitude . but it's also about accepting that we're not perfect, that not every day will be a perfect day . one of the last lines of their manifesto is .

. Life is being perfectly imperfect .

take a look

. YOU-app .

if you do join in come & say hello to me .
search for lilyandBloom .

 . have a happy & healthy day .

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