Wednesday, April 22

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yesterday a new blog post from a friend popped up on facebook . joanne is a very talented photographer who i first knew in her former life as a children's wear buyer . as talented as she was at that, & lots of fun to work with, & i hope she won't mind me saying this, but photography suits her so much more . she has been working as a professional photographer since 2007, photographing weddings & families . creating imagery for businesses . alongside her own fine art photography . 

last year jo spent several months out in central america, volunteering with Raleigh International as their expedition photographer . based in Costa Rica & Nicaragua, she also spent a few days in the very beautiful town of Leon . & . it's the images she captured here that caught my eye on facebook yesterday . far too lovely to be confined to only jo's blog, she's very kindly let me share them here . 

enjoy . 

. all images . joanne withers photography .

all these lovely images are available to buy on her SmugMugGallery
she has a beautiful photo book on blurb full on images of Nicaragua .
she is very generously donating the profits from the photo's & the book back to Raleigh International to help to continue to support the amazing work they do overseas . 

. have a beautiful bright & sunny day .

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