Monday, April 27

. april showers . bring . may flowers .

that is what they say . 

i hope that is true . but i fear in my garden it may just be weeds that continue to grow . i have managed to mow the lawn . but only the front lawn . & . only the once . i have not yet dared to venture further than the back door for fear of what i will find lurking in the greenhouse . this is not good . 

seeds are waiting to be sown . tomato plants are waiting to be potted . early potatoes to be planted .

but for now i find myself looking back to hAlloween & christmAs . the strange life of a designer !

lets hope the garden will wait a little while longer . 

in the meantime i will leave you with some drawn flowers & seeds . & . mAy's calendar for you to download . & . as always . to use & abuse as you wish . 

for now i'll go back to pumpkins & robins & snowmen .

. have a happy day .

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