Saturday, April 25

. anzAc biscUits . for . anzAc dAy .

i have a confession . despite my best intentions to eat my way around brisbane & sydney . it seems that i managed to overlook the anzAc biscuit . a complete oversight on my part . but . easily remedied with a little home baking this week . 

the anzAc biscuit is a biscuit traditionally made with oats, desiccated coconut & golden syrup . & . they were made by the wives of soldiers serving in WorldWarI . who sent them out to their loved ones serving abroad . today marks anzAc dAy . australia & new zealand's national day of remembrance for those who served & those who lost their lives fighting . & . in particular memory of the Gallipoli campaign . i think it's easy to forget that those wars were fought the World over by those in every part of the globe & all of us have everyone of those soldiers to thank for the lives we lead today . 

but . back to those anzAc biscuits . there are so many recipes out there . some hold true to the origins of the biscuit . including this recipe from Donna Hay . who also has this amazing recipe for an anzAc carAmel slice . but as i'm trying to be a little bit healthier i was looking for a recipe that make me feel a little less guilt ridden when i ate it ! i was tempted by this gluten free recipe from Teresa Cutter aka The Healthy chef . & . also this one over at Delicious Everyday . but in the end returned to a recipe i'd spotted in ' love, bake, nourish ' which included dried blueberries . 

. however . not having any dried blueberries i've adapted it slightly & added dried cranberries instead . a twist on a twist on a twist ?

so . however you are spending today . & . where ever you are in the world today . take a moment . over tea & biscuits if you can . & . remember those who battled for us all those years ago .

. have a peaceful day .

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