Sunday, February 22

. the rOad to brightOn .

today i run my first half marathon . if you are reading this between 9am & 11:30ish then i will be running & counting down those 13.1miles to the finish line . it's not quite yet a year since i first put on my trainers & dared to step outside the front door to take that first run & i can't quite believe how far i've come in such a short space of time .

running has become a real passion for me . i know it's good for me . i know it's made me into a healthier person . it makes me a happy person . in a lot of ways it fulfils the part of me that is very goal oriented . with running you can always aim to go further . or faster . or both !

running has led me to meet some amazingly supportive people on the rUnning bUg & make new friends that understand that passion for running . it's also made me realise what amazing friends i have already . they have patiently allowed me to ramble on about how many miles i've run . where i've run . what i wore when i ran . what i ate when i ran . and on . and on . & have had nothing but amazing words of encouragement & support . 

& lastly, through entering the brightOn half marathon running has allowed me to raise an lOvely amount of money for mAcmillan cAncer .

so if you are reading this between 9am & 11:30ish give me a little thought . i'll be looking to that road ahead . putting one foot in front of the other . knowing that i've trained for this . prepared for this . shushing that little voice in my head that's telling me it's hard & my legs hurt . & listening to the great big voice in my head that reminding me of how far i've come & isn't this just the most incredible feeling .

. have a happy & healthy day .

. update .

where do i start . what an incredible experience . i feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to do this . to have been able to have the time to train for this . to stay free from injury . & to make the most of my first hAlf mArathon . i was so nervous up until the run started . i started running with a huge smile on my face & enjoyed every single minute . even those minutes when my legs were begging me to stop ! i'd had a time in mind that i wanted to achieve . if i could have ran a time of 2:10:00 i would have been thrilled . so to run my first hAlf in a time of 2:00:59 { yaAaaaaaay } was just the icing on top of the cake & i don't think i've stopped smiling since .

the biggest thankyOu to the amazing crowds in brighton who came out & cheered all the runners on . a thankyOu to the amazing organisation of the whole event, all the volunteers, & from me a big thankyOu to the girls in the Macmillan marquee who were just so incredibly lovely & generous to all the team Macmillan runners .

. i run for bling .

. so now onwards to birmingham .

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