Saturday, February 28

. nearly spring .

this time last week i was looking forward to running my first hAlf mArathon & to enjoying a wonderful weekend in brightOn . this week i'm looking forward to travelling a little further afield . i feel so lucky that next week i'll be flying out to hOng kOng & then this time next week will be arriving in brisbane to enjoy some time in australia . i'm not sure that excited quite covers it . although i'll be working in hong kong i'll also be catching up with friends & taking a little bit of time out . & then australia will be the first holiday i've had in a very very long time . meeting family . travelling around . seeing the sights . enjoying the sea, sand & sunshine .

but before i go i'll leave you with another little freebie dOwnload . say hello to mArch & next months calendar for you to download & use & abuse as you wish !

although i'll be enjoying the end of summer when i'm down under it's so lovely to think that when i come back home spring will be here . & . easter won't be too far away . lots to look forward to .

. have a fAbulous last day of february .

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