Monday, February 9

. lOve . lOndon .

gOod morning . another mOnday morning . another lOvely week to look forward to . & not forgetting that vAlentines dAy is fast approaching . so . this week i thought i'd share some of the things i love . i think it's pretty sure that at some point pink . red . hearts . sprinkles . cake & cookies will make an appearance but today i'm sharing my love for lOndon .

this time last week i was down in lOndon visiting bUbble . i used to work in lOndon & whilst most days i lOve working from home, occasionally i think how lOvely it would be to be back down there every day . so last weeks visit was about squeezing as much as i possibly could into one day .

 . i spotted this as i was walking back from bUbble . i lOve you toO !
 . the oh so beautiful cloth house on berwick street .
. i could happily get lost in this shop .
 . there was a sneaky little stop at l'eto for the lOveliest carrot cake .
. all in the name of research for this blOg post .
. obviously .
 . then onto the lOvely liberty store .
. lingering over the flowers from wild at heart in the foyer .
 . then up to take a peek at the new summer kids collections .
. before adding ever more things to my wishlist in the lOvely homeware .
 . a final stop at anthropologie & jcrew .
. before .
. heading back to catch the train home .
. with a final look at St Pancras hotel as the sun was setting .

. have a lOvely day .

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