Tuesday, February 3

. carrot cake cUpcakes .

i really must stop paying attention to all these national days . especially when cake is involved . typing this blOg post after having sampled far far far too much carrot cake . too much cream cheese . too much frosting . just too much yuminess { is it too much to confess that my dinner largely consisted of carrot cake too ! } . so in celebration of today being nAtional cArrot cAke dAy here are my carrot cake cUpcakes . wonderfully spiced with cinnamon & ginger . filled with a cheesecake centre . topped with a crunchy crumble .

. recipe adapted from 'Love Bake Nourish' by amber rose .

. did i mention it had carrots in it . i mean that's one of your five a day . 
. practically healthy .

i promise not to go looking for anymore national cake days for a little while
at least not until i've run this little lot off

*skips off to put running shoes on*

. have a sweet dAy .

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