Monday, February 16

. be random { ly } kind .

well after a week full of lOve are we all lOved out ?  i hope not . surely you can never have enough lOve ? so lets keep spreading the love shall we . last week was random acts of kindness week & tomorrow is random acts of kindness day . take a look here to find out how you can become a #RAKtivist & lets keep spreading lots more love & kindness about . & why not start tomorrow as it's random acts of kindness day ? bake a cake for someone . smile at people . pay someone an unexpected compliment . send a surprise gift to friends . or be a little bit more secretive in your kindness & print out these little notes of kindness to pin around your workplace . your town . cut out the notecards & leave in random places . pop them into books in the library . leave them in coffee shops . or just pop one in the post to someone to make them smile .

. lOve .

. smile .

. lovely . happy . smiley .

. have a very kind day .

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