Monday, January 26

. hAppy aUstrAlia dAy .

today I am a little bit excited . today is aUstrAlia day . well technically yesterday was aUstrAlia day as it's now tuesday dOwn under . but technically it's still mOnday here in the uk so bear with me . so aUstrAlia day . that sounds like the perfect excuse for cake right ? how about a gorgeous buttery light vanilla cake . a smidge of jam & frosting . a lashing of chocolate . & . a dusting of coconut . well here you go . my first time making that australian classic lAmingtOns .

. recipe for the cake adapted from white on rice couple .
. recipe for frosting & icing adapted from raspberri cupcakes .

. p.s. today i booked flights to aUstrAlia .

i am
. so so so excited .

. have a sweet day .

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  1. Great Oz favourite! Anzac Biscuits or a Pavlova for next year Sharon :-)


. thank you for taking the time to scribble down your thoughts . i lOve reading All your musings .