Saturday, December 20

. festive rocky road .

I have a confession to make . I lOved baking when I was little . but more than that I lOved cookery & baking programmes where they would have everything all measured out in dinky little bOwls & cups, all ready to talk you through each recipe . I've realised that cOoking & phOtographing my baking for this blog is just a way of secretly { or not so secretly seeing as I've just confessed ! } fulfilling that childish love . . .

. . . anyway, whatever the reason, last week I had a lOvely day of rOcky road making . well ok, as we're confessing all, it got a little bit stressful, photographing everything as you go along takes forever & I needed to get things in the post &, well you get the picture . but aside from that it was a fun day . hOnest ! I've been lucky enough to have some of the sweetest clients this year & wanted to thank them for supporting lily&Bloom with a little sweet treat for Xmas . rocky road seemed the perfect choice, I mean, who doesn't like chocolate, or chocolate that's crammed with sticky marshmallows, festive cranberries & little jewel like pistachios . . .  what's not to like ?

.  chocolatey . sweet . loveliness .

whilst we're in a confessing mood, there did happen to be a couple of tiny pieces left over, which did happen to be enjoyed with an indulgent cup of hot chocolate . . . it would have been rude not to !

. have a sweet day .

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