Friday, February 24

{ happy friday }

{ 1 } The prettiest stamps.  For the prettiest mail by Vintage Postage Shop.
{ 2 } The prettiest faffing.  Behind the scenes at Bob&Blossom.
{ 3 } The coolest boyswear.  New season's collection from Morley.
{ 4 } ♥︎ The dress.
{ 6 } ♥︎ The skirt.
{ 8 } Here's to the ones who dream { of a Best Movie Oscar }.  Good luck La La Land.
{ 9 } I Spy one little red nose hiding in this pretty flatlay.  Mollie Makes Crafternoon is coming.
{ + } Next Tuesday, embrace Sweden's Fat Tuesday with these cardamom scented Semlor Buns.

{ have a happy day }

Thursday, February 23

{ mini blush orange bread & butter puddings }

I've been on a bit of a bread making mission just lately.  I think it's the therapeutic nature of the time spent kneading the dough that I like, more than actually needing a new loaf of bread baked each day.  Consequently I find myself with more bread than I could possibly eat, and one particular sorry looking, slightly overdone, now going slightly stale loaf.  As I hate wasting things, particularly food, I started wondering what use I could find for this.  The more mundane thought of blitzing the whole lot for breadcrumbs for the freezer was pushed to one side, in favour of a more indulgent bread & butter pudding;  indulgent, but made mini sized, which just so happens to be this months theme for Bumpkin Betty's baking club { coincidence, I think not ! }.

To further aid my 'Love Food Hate Waste' mantra, I spotted a lonesome blush orange in the fruit bowl, and thought how lovely it would be to include this - think marmalade on toast, in pudding format!

This is the perfect way to use up odds and ends of many baked goods, as croissants & brioche also work beautifully in bread & butter puddings too.  These mini versions are baked in a cupcake tin, making perfect individual sized portions, perfect if you are still trying to maintain a little restraint after Xmas indulgences.

Please forgive the slightly less than gorgeous 'after' images.  I'd left it a little too late in the day to start & the best of the light had gone by the time they'd baked.  And I promise it had nothing to do with the fact I couldn't resist tasting one { or two } as soon as they came out of the oven.  No, absolutely nothing to do with that at all!

Is there anything better than a proper pudding on a grey & rainy day?  And the fact that it's mini sized makes me feel just a little bit better about drowning it in a proper homemade, creamy, vanilla flecked custard.

If you would like to take a look at this month's other mini bakes, pop on over to Bumpkin Betty's Facebook page, where you can also sign up & join in the baking { and eating } fun.

{ have a happy day }

Tuesday, February 21

{ miffy & me }

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Last week I read the news that Dick Bruna had died.  He was the creator of a little white rabbit, originally named Nijntje, who became more commonly known as Miffy.  A bunny drawn in a starkly modernist form, always white, with a painted black outline, with pops of stark primary colours;  red, blue, green and yellow.  She's remained virtually unchanged, with only subtle improvements made by Bruna himself.  As he says himself, "It seems a little bit silly, but I find it very hard to do even Miffy.  I've done so many drawings of her, but every day I try to do it a little better than yeserday."

The first two books, "Miffy" and "Miffy at the Zoo", were published in 1955, with Bruna having written & illustrated more than 120 titles by the time of his death, and having sold more than 85 millions books, translated into more than 50 languages.  The simplicity of the character, and her timeless quality, are driving factors in her popularity.  Whilst Miffy now graces more than just books, every product has the same quality & stylistic cool as Bruna's illustrations.

Reading the many obituary's written about Dick Bruna, and articles written whilst he was still alive, you have an image of a gentle, quiet man.  He is described as unassuming, living a simple life, marked by a love of routine;  from his early morning cycle along the canals of Utrecht, coffee at the same cafe, to the picture he drew for his wife every day.  He admitted to being slightly perplexed by the success of Miffy, "When I see children, I think, yes, that is wonderful, but then I just come to the studio and do my work like everybody else.  Of course I'm happy that Miffy became quite famous, but if she hand't I would have carried on working just the same."

Bruna retired in 2014 and announced that the rights to Miffy would not be sold.  Happily, she will continue through all those wonderfully drawn books.

{ have a happy day }

Friday, February 17

{ happy friday }

{ 1 } Zara Spring Collection.  Beautifully styled by Babiekins.
{ 2 } Denim & rainbow silk. Beautifully designed by Molo & Chloe
{ 3 } A little more darling denim.  Beautifully designed by Country Road.
{ 4 } Toast Spring Collection.  I want it all!
{ 5 } Beautiful pottery from Burleigh.  Buy & fill with Spring flowers.
{ 6 } I love a girl who matches her baking with her flowers.  Lemon cupcakes & daffs 💛
{ 7 } If the running away to the circus doesn't work out, I'm running away here instead.
{ 8 } Always do things that make you happy.
{ 9 } Beautiful Mid Century florals from *whispers* Sainsburys. In store now.
{ + } These have been popping up on my Facebook feed all week.  Chocolate Crumpets.
........ Still deciding if this sounds scrumptious or just silly!

{ have a happy day }

Wednesday, February 15

{ Goodbye, she said, I'm off to join the Circus }

centre // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

One of the many things on my fifty before 50 list is to fly on the trapeze { with the greatest of ease - though I think that last bit might be pushing it a little }.  I've been spending a little time looking into this, and with great delight have found numerous Circus Schools, up and down the country, that can facilitate this *cue enormous excitement & a great deal of squealing*.  The whole notion of a circus continues to have a mysterious romance about it, possibly due to my reading of novels such as Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, and the completely wonderful The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

I'm sure that the reality bears no relation to my vivid imaginings, but a girl can dream can't she?  Luckily, even if running away and joining a circus isn't on the horizon for a little while, you can still indulge in some circus inspired prettiness.  Perfect for turning your Little Ones room into a mini circus all of their own, and outfitting them with a wardrobe that would put any trapeze artist to shame.

{  have a happy day }

Monday, February 13

{ love, cake, candy & cocktails . twelve sweet treats to make this Valentine's Day }

As Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I'm assuming { hoping & praying } that if you have a special someone you've bought the card, ordered the flowers, wrapped the gift.  But maybe now you're looking for that extra something, something to bring an added sweet something.  Or maybe you haven't bought the card ordered the flowers, wrapped a gift, and are looking for that last minute something to rescue the day from complete disaster?  Here are few sweet somethings that you still have time to bake and make.  Failing that, just scroll right to the bottom and head for the drinks shelf to mix up a love potion or two!

{ have a sweet day }

Saturday, February 11

{ happy weekend }

{ 1 } ♥︎ pink roses.
{ 2 } ♥︎ paper hearts.
{ 3 } ♥︎ little bears.
{ 4 } ♥︎ colourful rooms.
{ 5 } ♥︎ perfect pins.
{ 6 } ♥︎ beautiful books.
{ 7 } ♥︎ cute bookmarks.
{ 8 } ♥︎ we came. we saw. we loved.
{ 9 } ♥︎ sweet cookies.
{ + } ♥︎ steamed puds. { especially on snowy days }

. have a l♥︎vely day .